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How do I clean my IQOS?

Cleaning your IQOS device is one of the most important steps for the Holder maintenance and should be done after using 20 HEETS sticks.
The best way to clean your IQOS is to first use the IQOS Cleaner followed by a cleaning with an IQOS Cleaning Stick.

! Make sure the Holder is switched off before cleaning and that the blade has cooled down.

1. Remove the Holder from the Pocket Charger and pull the Cap upwards until it is completely separated from the Holder. Do the same with the IQOS Cleaner.
2. Remove the hook from the IQOS Cleaner and insert the Holder's body into the IQOS Cleaner long brush. Gently twist it to clean.
3. Insert the Cap into the IQOS Cleaner short brush and gently twist it once more.
4. Gently tap on a smooth surface both the Holder and the Cap to loosen and release any remaining tobacco fragments.
If remaining fragments are stuck near the blade of the IQOS Holder, use the hook to gently remove them. You can do the same for the Cap.

Afterwards, pick up a Cleaning Stick and unwrap it from the plastic protection.
- Insert it in the Holder and gently clean around the blade. Although humid, the cleaning sticks will not damage your blade.
- Switch the side of the Cleaning Stick and do the same for both sides of the Cap.

This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.