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Getting started with your IQOS DUO

  1. Tap the button on your IQOS DUO Pocket Charger to check your battery level. If it’s low, plug your device into a power outlet using an IQOS Power Adaptor and USB Cable.
  2. Press the button at the top of your Pocket Charger for four seconds to turn it on. Then check the status lights on your IQOS DUO Holder to see its battery level. Two lights mean it’s fully charged (ready for two uses). One light means it’s ready for one use. No lights mean no power and it’s time to recharge the Holder.
  3. Gently insert a HEETS stick, without twisting, into your Holder. Then press and hold the Holder button. One vibration and lights pulsing slowly means it’s getting ready. Two vibrations and both status lights on mean it’s ready to use.
  4. When you feel another two vibrations, your IQOS time is nearly up. Slide open the Holder, remove the HEETS stick, and slide the Holder shut then tap the Holder button to see its status. Remember that one light means you only have one use left, so you’ll need to put back into the Pocket Charger after next time.
  5. When your Holder is in the Pocket Charger, flashing lights mean it's charging. When both lights are on and stay on, your Holder is ready to take out.

Charging your IQOS DUO device

  1. Tap the button on your IQOS DUO Pocket Charger button to check the battery level. A flashing light at the top means the battery’s low and you’ll need to plug the Pocket Charger into a power outlet using an IQOS Power Adaptor and Cable. A flashing light means the battery’s now charging. When the status bar is full, your device is fully charged and good for up to 20 uses.
  2. Check the status lights on your IQOS DUO Holder. Two lights mean your Holder’s fully charged and ready for two consecutive uses. One light means you only have one use left. No lights means there’s no battery power and it’s time to recharge.
  3. Remove the HEETS stick and insert the Holder into the Pocket Charger. If two small lights start flashing on the top of the Pocket Charger, your Holder is charging. When they stop flashing, your Holder is charged and ready to use.

Cleaning your IQOS DUO

  1. Wait for your IQOS DUO Holder to cool down then slide the cap off.
  2. Tap out any loose tobacco from inside your Holder then insert the IQOS Cleaning tool. Once in, gently twist two or three times before carefully removing it.
  3. Finish cleaning with the IQOS Cleaning stick to clean the inside of your IQOS DUO Holder. Remember to avoid the heating blade when you do so. And clean the Cap too, top and bottom.
  4. Clean your device after each pack of sticks. A cleaner device makes for a consistent better taste experience. It’s as simple as that.

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