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IQOS ILUMA is our newest range of devices, featuring internal heating based on induction. The use of this new heating technology makes that IQOS ILUMA devices are non-compatible with HEETS sticks. IQOS ILUMA devices can only be used with TEREA sticks, which are available in the countries in which IQOS ILUMA has been launched.
The newest heating technology in IQOS ILUMA combined with the specially designed TEREA sticks result in an improved draw and taste consistency from stick to stick. The new design also eliminates the chance of blade breakages and cleaning of the device is now no longer required. This makes IQOS ILUMA even more convenient in use.
Insert the TEREA stick in the IQOS device up to the line on the filter. Heating starts automatically, or by pressing the button for 1 second. You can start using your device once the holder vibrates and the lights stay fixed. To signal the last 30 seconds of use or that the last 2 puffs are left, the holder will vibrate with the light(s) pulsing white.

Dispose of the stick immediately after you’ve used it, once it has cooled off, simply by removing the stick from the holder and disposing of them according to your local waste disposal regulations.
Charge your IQOS ILUMA fully by using the AC Power Adaptor and Charging Cable that comes with it. Then, to switch your device on, press the button on the side of the device for 4 seconds. To check the battery status of the device, press the side button again.
Your experience will last up to 6 minutes or 14 puffs, whichever comes first.
To reset your device, place the holder in the pocket charger and press the button for 10 seconds, then release. All of the lights will turn OFF, blink twice, and turn on again to confirm a RESET. That’s it, you’re done.
To check the charge level of your IQOS ILUMA, press & release the Pocket Charger Button on ILUMA Prime and ILUMA or the button on ILUMA One.

The status light will turn ON for 3 seconds to indicate the battery status:
4 LEDs = more than 75% charged
1 LED = low charge. Need to charge
For ILUMA Prime and ILUMA:
There are a couple of ways you can check how many uses you have left. Either on the holder itself or by checking the pocket charger with the holder inside. Here’s how:

Checking on the holder: Tilt the holder towards you or short press the button. The lights will come on and indicate the battery level. When 2 lights are on it means the holder is ready for 2 uses and 1 light on means it’s ready for 1 use only.

Checking on the pocket charger: Short press the side button on the pocket charger with the holder inside the charger. The pocket charger light will turn on. 2 lights mean the holder is ready for 2 uses and 1 light on means ready for 1 use.

For ILUMA One:
Short press the side button on the device. The light will turn on.

-4 lights mean the device is fully charged and ready for 20 uses.
-3 lights mean there's 75% of battery left, approximately 15 uses.
-2 lights mean there's 50% of battery left, approximately 10 uses.
-1 light means there's 25% of battery left, approximately 5 uses.
If your IQOS device stops working, perform a reset by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds. If your IQOS is still not working, use our Troubleshoot tool to consult the various other solutions.

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Still having problems?Contact our MyIQOS Team via the channels below, they will find the most suitable solution for you.

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Call Free: 0800 9900000 - Available every day between 10am and 7pm.

If you notice a defect or crack, you should immediately stop using your IQOS and contact the MyIQOS Team.
This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.